Ciela Village

Ciela Village

Launched in the colours of Crêpes Whaou II in 2005, this legendary boat propelled the MULTI50 class to centre stage in the hands of Franck Yves Escoffier. Renamed Maitre Jacques in 2010, she underwent a thorough overhaul in 2014 to accommodate a more powerful bow section designed by VPLP. She was bought by Thierry Bouchard in 2015 and has since been renamed Ciela Village. She’ll be taking the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre 2015 for the first time in her new colours.

Relaunched : September 23, 2015
Skipper : Thierry Bouchard
Design : VPLP design

2014 Route du Rhum in November  DNF Damage
2013 DNF Transat Jacques Vabre, won the GP Guyader, winner of the Armen Race, winner of the SNSM Record
2012 Winner of the Tour de Belle Ile, 3rd Trophy Prince de Bretagne, 2 nd Trophy of the Port of Fécamp
2011 2nd Transat Jacques Vabre in November
2011 1 st Trophy Fecamp port in September
2011 2 nd
  Grand [nbsp] Price St Quay Portrieux Saint-August
2011, Winner Armen Race in June
2010  Maitre Jacques embarks on sailing boat buying Crêpes Whaou! 2 it is the start of the Route du Rhum skippered by Loïc Féquet
2008 Winner of the Quebec Saint Malo
2007 Winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre
2006 Winner of the Route du Rhum
2005 Winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre

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