Groupe Drekan

Groupe Drekan

January February 2017: Eric Defert and the Drekan Group are newcomers to the Multi50 class! They bought the Ciela Village Previous owner Thierry Bouchard

Launched under the colors Crêpes Whaou!2 in 2005, this mythical boat propelled Multi50 class to the forefront in the hands of Franck Yves Escoffier. Became Maitre Jacques in 2010, he was deeply transformed in 2014 to receive a more powerful bow designed by the design firm VPLP. It was bought in 2015 by Thierry Bouchard and becomes Ciela Village. He lines up for the first time under his new colors for the Transat Jacques Vabre 2015.he is second Transat Jacques Vabre in 2015.

Launching : Juin 2005
Skipper : Eric Defert
Architect : VPLP design

Eric Defert/ Groupe Drekan
2017 - Transat Jacques Vabre ABD

Thierry Bouchard / Ciela Village
2016 - Transat Québec St Malo 2nd
2015 - Transat Jacques Vabre 2nd

Loïc Féquet / Maitre Jacques
2014 - Route du Rhum : ABD
2013 -Transat Jacques Vabre DNF
2013 - Winner du GP Guyader, vainqueur de l'Armen Race,
2013 - Winner du Record SNSM
2012 - Winner du Tour de Belle Ile, Trophée Prince de Bretagne 2nd, Trophée du Port de Fécamp 2nd
2011 - Transat Jacques Vabre 2nd
2011 - Winner  Trophée du port de Fécamp Septembre
2011 - Grand prix de St Saint-Quay Portrieux 2nd
2011 - Winner Armen Race Juin
2010 - Route du Rhum 3rd

Franck Escoffier /Crêpes Wahou!
2008 - Vainqueur de la Quebec St Malo
2007 - Vainqueur de la Transat Jacques Vabre
2006 - Vainqueur de la Route du Rhum
2005 - Vainqueur de la Transat Jacques Vabre

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