Giants dance in Keroman Technologies.

The winters ' building project succeed in Keroman Technologies.

The optimization of Trimaram Macif being completed, it was the turn of the Maxi Trimaran 2 Spindrift invest workshops.

Follow the news   in the Macif Trimaran:

No Way Back: a project flying Europe’s colours!

The sixth 60' IMOCA from the latest generation was built by the ‘PERSICO’ yard in Italy in 2015 for the Sardinian skipper Andrea MURA.


Lauching Ciela Village

The CDK Technologies team manage the lauching Ciela Village.


Lauching trimaran Macif

Eighteen months of construction were required for assembly of the Macif trimaran, he left the shipyard CDK Technologies Keroman on Tuesday, to be launched at the foot of the base of Submarines Lorient. An expected time lived in emotionally, all CDK Technologies team, Macif, François Gabart and crew, happy and proud of the work.

The operation took place in three acts.

Lauching Populaire VIII

Launching the Banque Populaire VIII rollover test.

Test successful turnaround!


Banque Populaire VIII,IMOCA class 60 fate of CDK Technologies

Two days of various handling for the exit of Banque Populaire  VIII and launching, the reversal test is performed