It’s a record on the Fastnet original course!

Conquering a new record: 23 hours, 51 minutes and 16 seconds, with an average speed of 24,94 knots. The Italian Team, who set sail yesterday at 19:22:55 GMT, improved the previous time by over an hour: just a month ago, Peter Cunningham’s MOD 70 PowerPlay finished the course in 25 hours, 4 minutes and 18 seconds. The time has been recorded by the crew aboard Maserati Multi 70 and is subject to the World Sailing Speed Council’s ratification.
Aboard Maserati Multi 70 with Giovanni Soldini: Guido Broggi, Carlos Hernandez Robayna, Oliver Herrera Perez, Gerardo Siciliano and Matteo Soldini.
For Soldini and his crew it’s the third record conquered in the English Channel, after the Plymouth-La Rochelle (12 hours, 15 minutes, 21 seconds) and the Cowes-Dinard (4 hours, 30 minutes, 49 seconds.
Photo ©Rick Tomlinson


Charal and Jérémie Beyou

Three months after Jérémie Beyou's arrival in the 2020-2021 Vendée Globe, the skipper and Charal announced on Tuesday that their partnership would be extended until the end of 2026. The new IMOCA boat, Charal 2, designed by Sam Manuard, has just been built by CDK Technologies in Lorient and is due to be launched in June 2022.


Minister of the Sea, visited CDK Technologies

Two days after the launch of the Maxi Banque Populaire, Annick Girardin, Minister of the Sea, visited CDK Technologies, which was responsible for building the giant trimaran on the Lorient site, accompanied by Florian Saint James, Philippe Facque. They gave the Minister a tour of the infrastructure at the Keroman site and introduced her to the yard’s highly talented teams.

Ronan Lucas Director of Team Banque Populaire showed the Minister around the MAXI Banque Populaire XI.


Launch of the Maxi Banque Populaire XI

The Ultim trimaran Banque Populaire XI exited the yard in Lorient, Brittany this Tuesday 27 April 2021. In attendance to witness this historic moment were all the teams involved in the project – Team Banque Populaire and the teams from the CDK Technologies yard – a single, united group, which has worked in perfect harmony for almost 24 months behind closed doors at the CDK Technologies yard. This maxi-trimaran is the third craft to be built and developed by Team Banque Populaire with CDK Technologies completely taking charge of the project management.


Launch of Yann Guichard and Dona Bertarelli's Maxi Trimaran

Launch of Spindrift 2 this Saturday Under her new colours, Sails Of Change arrived Saturday evening in her home port of La Trinité sur Mer.


New Channel record!

Double victory for Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Multi 70, who conquered the Channel Record with an elapsed time of 4 hours, 30 minutes and 49 seconds, beating for a little over 3 minutes their opponent PowerPlay (4 hours, 34 minutes and 6 seconds)