INSPIRING SPORT CAPITAL announces the acquisition of CDK Technologies

INSPIRING SPORT CAPITAL gathers together a group of private investors to hold a majority share in CDK Technologies


INSPIRING SPORT CAPITAL gathers together a group of private investors to hold a majority share in CDK Technologies and develop what is a leading yard in the domain of offshore racing. Joining this ambitious project for growth, Cyril Abiteboul, CEO of Renault F1 Team from 2015 to 2021, has been entrusted the role of CEO of CDK Technologies. He succeeds Philippe Facque, who is retiring

A leader in the domain of offshore racing thanks to its expertise in the construction of innovative composite hulls and parts, the CDK Technologies yard, founded in 1984, has forged a solid reputation and an extraordinary track record in this field. Indeed, the work carried out by Philippe Facque, who has headed the yard for over thirty years, together with the support of Deputy General Managers Yann Dollo and Stéphane Digard, and all their teams, has enabled the company to expand and develop by regularly investing in cutting-edge tooling and to make a name for itself in the most iconic offshore racing environment in the world, including the Vendée Globe, the Route du Rhum, the Transat Jacques Vabre, the Jules Verne Trophy and The Ocean Race.

Heralded today as the absolute reference yard for racing yacht construction, a title notably earned after four consecutive wins in the prestigious Vendée Globe and an entire podium in the latest edition of the race in 2020-2021, the yard has categorically refused to rest on its laurels, invariably fleshing out its global offer to put itself in a position where it can excel in the manufacture of high-performance technical parts, which make up a race boat (masts, booms, foils…). These same parts are revolutionising the performance of racing yachts by enabling them to ‘fly’ at speeds bordering on 100km/hr. This potential has already been realised on the latest Ultimes, like Armel Le Cléac’h’s Banque Populaire, which was built on its site in Lorient, south-west Brittany, and François Gabart’s SVR Lazartigue, whose key elements were manufactured in collaboration with Mer Concept.

Whilst this diversification has enabled the company to truly stand out in the world of offshore racing, it has also opened up new prospects in industry, naval, civil and military construction, as well as marine renewable energies. Boasting yards in Port-la-Forêt and Lorient, CDK Technologies is a key protagonist of Bretagne Sailing Valley ©, one of the sector’s highly dynamic ecosystems. A member of a group of construction experts which, together with Chantiers de l'Atlantique, is developing a solution for very large carbon masts for a new generation of solid sail cruise liners, CDK Technologies is playing a vital role in transforming the way tomorrow’s maritime transport is powered.

At the behest of INSPIRING SPORT CAPITAL, new investors are keen to accelerate the company’s growth by entrusting its general management to Cyril Abiteboul. The latter, an engineer and former CEO of the Renault F1 team, will be able to showcase his unique experience in a high-performance international milieu, and also turn to good account the extensive skills he has acquired from 20 years in the automotive sector – 15 of those in the motorsport environment – as he supports CDK Technologies with fulfilling its future ambitions.

Cyril Abiteboul, new CEO of CDK Technologies:
Among the many similarities between motorsport and yacht racing, I’m particularly delighted to reconnect with the values of passion, commitment and excellence, which are an integral part of the reputation forged by CDK Technologies and the men and women who make up its workforce, which I’m honoured to be joining. Beyond the nobility of offshore racing, which will remain central to the CDK Technologies’ project, its facilities and its expertise in composite materials and manufacturing processes make it a unique platform for development, whether it be in the universe of nautical races, which is growing and maturing, or in that of maritime transport, which will be subject to the same challenges regarding carbon neutrality as automotive mobility. I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to ISC for allowing me to join CDK Technologies, a name that is inseparable from the past 30 years’ of sporting achievements, and to Philippe Facque who has made the company what it is today, as well as to Yann Dollo and Stéphane Digard, who will be continuing the adventure alongside me.

Lucien Boyer, co-founder and Managing Partner of INSPIRING SPORT CAPITAL:
Following the very fine chapter penned by CDK Technologies thus far under the leadership of Philippe Facque, with whom I’ve had the great pleasure of working for a number of years, INSPIRING SPORT CAPITAL’s goal is to ensure the development of the yard’s core business goes from strength to strength, by reinforcing its leading role in offshore racing, whilst nurturing a genuine laboratory of technological innovations for use in the domain of energy transition in the marine sector through the development of applications in the boating universe and in the marine industry. To drive this ambitious strategy, we’re convinced that Cyril Abiteboul will be able to offer the team at CDK Technologies his invaluable leadership skills and his unique experience in high-performance competition and industry”.

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