CDK Technologies continues with the acquisition of C3 Technologies

CDK Technologies continues to go from strength to strength 
with the acquisition of C3 Technologie


A year to the day after Inspiring Sport Capital’s equity investment, CDK Technologies has bolstered its positioning and its expertise through the acquisition of the La Rochelle-based company, C3 Technologies, which is recognised for the design and manufacture of high-performance composite parts (prototype and production elements).

Since its merger with Inspiring Sport Capital, CDK Technologies has accelerated its growth. The new management team boasts a strategy based around 4 solid and coherent staples: capitalising on its position as a leading yard in offshore racing, expanding its expertise beyond the offshore racing sector, giving structure to its R&D activity to continue leading the way in its field for the foreseeable future and developing and utilising the CDK brand, its history and its track record.

The acquisition of C3 Technologies, CDK Technologies’ historical partner based in Périgny near La Rochelle, ties in perfectly with this development strategy. Indeed, geographically, with a workforce of nearly 30 employees, the company offers a further continuation of growth as well as showcasing numerous synergies, which are both industrial and commercial with CDK Technologies. This agreement serves as a means to accelerate the implementation of CDK Technologies’ strategy, with the emphasis on the foil market, for which C3 Technologies is an historical and widely recognised protagonist.

An extension of the workshops scheduled for 2023

The Group is supported by its 2 historical and local banking partners, CIC Ouest and Banque Populaire Grand Ouest, in both the acquisition process and CDK Group’s future developments. In addition to its external growth strategy, the yard is planning an extension of its premises in Lorient over a 6,000 m2 space adjoining the current site, right at the heart of the offshore racing ecosystem, which is due to get under way next year. This investment will make it possible to have specialised surface areas capable of performing supremely well across certain target markets by improving both the rate and precision of the manufacturing process. This new set-up will notably include a dedicated foil space to deal with a booming market. By specialising its surface areas, CDK is essentially fulfilling the requirements of the sector, boosting its position as a reliable partner and offshore racing expert and furthering its desire to become a reference in terms of quality and productivity for those involved in the yachting sector. Moreover, new spaces will be dedicated to the diversification of CDK Group’s offer to reach out to new industries such as luxury yachting, sea transport and defence. Consequently, this investment is very much in line with the company’s CSR policy since its aims include reducing energy consumption, recovering carbon fibre off-cuts and making the whole process less difficult for operator

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