FOR PEOPLE: CDK Group’s 17th IMOCA and 42nd boat!

CDK Group has produced its 4th new IMOCA since the Vendée Globe 2020


Launched this Thursday 16 March, Thomas Ruyant’s FOR PEOPLE (CDK-I(F)17-2023), designed by Antoine Koch and Finot-Conq, is unquestionably one of the most eagerly awaited arrivals on the circuit. The monohull is geared around the Vendée Globe, which the sailor from northern France fully intends to add to his list of accolades, having already won races as prestigious as the Transat Jacques Vabre and the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe. A 60-footer featuring a series of distinct architectural choices, which notably include a reinforced hull bottom to tackle the Southern Ocean, CDK Group was entrusted with the creation of the platform and the construction of her rudders and foils.
With this latest venture, CDK Group has produced its 4th new IMOCA since the Vendée Globe 2020 and launched its 3rd IMOCA in a year. This equates to its 17th IMOCA in all and its 42nd boat in 39 years of existence!

Thomas Ruyant’s new machine, the construction of which began in January 2022, was delivered by the teams at CDK Group on 13 March 2023. A highlight for the sailor’s team, it was also a key moment for CDK Technologies’ associates, who have now delivered their third IMOCA in under a year. The construction of the monohull involved the workforce from CDK Technologies’ Lorient site and the team from C3 Technologies based in Périgny, south-west France, who took charge of the construction of the rudders and the foils on the brand new IMOCA. Geared up specifically for the Vendée Globe, the IMOCA was designed by naval architects Antoine Koch and Finot-Conq, with assistance from the engineering design consultancy GSea Design, as well as the know-how of the Breton yard.
Controlling schedules and costs

The launch of the construction of FOR PEOPLE began at CDK Technologies Lorient in January 2022. All the composite element was completed by mid-December, leaving TR Racing team to take care of the finishing touches such as the painting and installation of the various pieces of equipment on board. Everything went extremely smoothly, the various trades stepping up to the plate in turn in the best possible conditions. From start to finish of the design of the boat, everything ran like clockwork resulting in complete control of the announced schedules and costs,” explains Romain Cachia, head of the design office since 2018.
A new architectural approach

Within the context of this project, the latter collaborated for the first time with Antoine Koch in association with the Finot-Conq design firm, which is making a strong return to the IMOCA market. “This process has enabled us to learn a new architectural approach. The exchanges have been very fluid and very rewarding on both a human and technical level. The same was true with Thomas’ team, who already had the expertise associated with the construction of their first IMOCA (LinkedOut, editor’s note), which meant that we shared a lot of common references. At the same time, the fact that Antoine Koch is also a sailor himself and that David de Prémorel from Finot-Conq is good with numbers, meant that we were right on top of the various constraints related to implementation from very early on in the design. That enabled us all to move forwards in an efficient manner,” explains Romain Cachia, who is thrilled by the collaborative approach shared across the various technical solutions selected.
A highly optimised hull bottom.
The architectural choices on For People are interesting. The hull form is very different to those of previous IMOCAs we’ve built. She has slightly tulip-shaped sections, which means she is narrow at the bottom, flaring out towards the chine. A great deal of thought has gone into the latter, with the bottom reinforced from front to back to be able to withstand the considerable loads at high speed and in heavy seas, like those found in the Southern Ocean during a circumnavigation of the globe.” This was done in line with Thomas Ruyant’s wishes for his boat and rightly so. Indeed, after four major victories in transatlantic races (Mini-Transat 2009, Route du Rhum 2010 and 2022, Transat AG2R 2018, Transat Jacques Vabre 2021), the sailor now clearly has his sights on winning the round the world race.

Thomas Ruyant founder of TR Racing team and skipper of FOR PEOPLE:We’re delighted with the work carried out by the teams at CDK Technologies. We have a fantastic base going forward. The boat is fabulous and she’s bound to be quick. I’d like to thank all those involved in the project and the yard’s workforce in particular for all the energy they’ve put into the construction. The whole of TR Racing team is thrilled with our collaboration with CDK Group, with naval architects Finot-Conq and Antoine Koch, as well as GSea Design. I was really looking forward to seeing FOR PEOPLE come out of the shed. Now she’s on the water, I’m keen to attack the first sea trials with this beautiful machine!
Thomas Gavériaux, CEO of TR Racing:The construction of a race boat is always a delicate balance between naval architects, engineers, the team and the builder. Our prototypes are such that the build phase has to start even though the design phase is far from complete. That requires flexible and fluid piloting of the different activities with and between the various contributors. I’m delighted to say that the construction of FOR PEOPLE at CDK Technologies in Lorient has ticked all these boxes. The teams at CDK Technologies who have been dedicated to our project have always been available and responsive, with their finger on the pulse of everything around them, which meant that we were able to go about our 2022 sports season with the utmost confidence. I imagine that CDK Technologies is just as eager as us to see FOR PEOPLE putting in her first tacks.
Stéphane Digard, General Manager of CDK Group:Thanks to a very high level of trust between the teams at CDK Technologies and those of TR Racing, the project has been carried out with a highly constructive mindset, with multiple exchanges enabling us to fulfil our brief in terms of quality and stick to the announced schedule. Working with a first rank team like that of Thomas Ruyant, in association with design firm FINOT-CONQ, naval architect Antoine Koch and the engineering design consultancy GSEA Design, has prompted us to constantly raise our game in terms of the quality of our builds.
On a personal level, it’s been a real pleasure to once again work with the Finot-Conq design firm with whom I was lucky enough to start out in my career as a builder. Their return to the forefront of racing is an indication of Class IMOCA’s dynamism.” 

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